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Our innovative products help people across
the UK fulfil their financial responsibilities.

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CashEuroNet UK was built on the principle of providing trustworthy and reliable credit to the consumers who need it most.

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Our brands, QuickQuid, On Stride Financial and Pounds to Pocket, use advanced technologies to offer loan products to individuals across the UK, even those with less-than-perfect credit.

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We Do Credit Differently

Trustworthy & Reliable Credit

Millions of people in the UK lack adequate access to credit. CashEuroNet UK’s brands close that credit gap with loans designed to give qualified individuals the funds they need to get their finances back on track.

Advanced Analytics

CashEuroNet UK’s proprietary lending platforms analyse more than 1,000 discrete data points to create personalised loans for customers. We look at more than just credit scores to determine people’s creditworthiness.

Responsible Lending

CashEuroNet UK is dedicated to responsible lending practices. Our brands’ application processes are always straightforward, with clearly detailed fees and interest rates. We adhere to industry best practices and always comply with FCA guidelines.

Customer First

Our brands take customer service seriously, ensuring that every interaction helps our customers fulfil their financial responsibilities. From before a prospective customer even applies to after their last repayment, customer service representatives are always ready to answer any questions. We’re there to help, with dedicated customer support seven days a week.